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Proud to be

sponsored by

an old, once hugely successful Chesterfield brewing company. Head brewer and Managing Director Chris Radford and the team at Brampton Brewery have tried hard to be respectful to the brewing heritage and tradition of the original company, many aspects of which have been incorporated into the current company livery. We are proud to be associated with this fabulous company and carry their logo. We really look forward to strengthening our relation with them in the future.











Since April 2016 we have played at Brampton Brewery's flagship pub

The Rose and Crown on the first Sunday of every month. Situated

in the heart of Brampton, just a stone's throw from the brewery, The

Rose and Crown is an award winning establishment that boasts a

superb selection of real ales. You can enjoy a fantastic Sunday roast

dinner whilst listening to us play our monthly session. Do make sure

you book as it gets very busy!

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In the summer of 2016 we received the exciting news that the multi-award winning Brampton Brewery in Chesterfield had agreed to sponsor us. Established in 2007 by a group of local enthusiasts, Brampton Brewery revitalised the famous name of

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